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eventiftaf @ 7 jahre klingt.orgfluc wannewien/Austria 7 jahre klingt.org2007-01-11link
eventICHT - festival for christian loidl at literaturhaus viennaincluding a sound performance by members of the institute for transacoustic research2007-01-19link
event"Harvesting the Tree of Knowledge": Performance lecture by Nikolaus GanstererA concise sonic manual on the influence of music on plants (Arabidopsis thaliana). Start:20:00 at Artis Gallery, DenBosch/NL2007-01-30link
eventThe SiruptureA sticky performance lecture by Nikolaus Gansterer and Jörg Piringer. Admission free! Starts at 8pm. AIR Antwerpen, Belgium 2007-04-25link
eventiftaf at ARTmART audio nightlive2007-04-27link
eventReheat festival"Der Tod des Musikers" - presentation of a self-generative audio installation at the reheat festival at the kleylehof 13, nickelsdorf. Check out for more lectures, installations and concerts at this amazing utopian summer location!2007-09-01link
event"Asymptotische Versuchsanordnungen" (UA) with Nikolaus Gansterer, Matthias Meinharter, Jörg Pringer, Ernst Reitermaier (and special guests: Tamara Wilhem, Barbara Kaiser, Jürgen Berlakovic und Ulrich Troyer) at the Musikprotokoll - Steirischer Herbst 2007, GrazWhat does it sound like when everyday life penetrates the sphere of art, when meaning breaks away from words, when light mingles with sound? In a process of phenomenological research at the interface between art and science, the Viennese Institute of transacoustic research has been exploring these and related questions since 1998. Transacoustics is at the same time the cause and effect, the path and the destination, the great unknown that constantly keeps the process of creation going. In a mixture of concert, lecture and research setting, the event presents current findings from transacoustic research.2007-10-04link
eventtransacoustic research tour 07 @ Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria.Translecture : A perfomance lecture by the Institute for transacoustic research and a concert by thereminist Dorit Chrysler. Start: 20:00.2007-11-04link
eventtransacoustic research tour 07 @ bains::connective, Brussels, BelgiumA sound performance lecture by the institute for transacoustic research. Team: Ernst Reitermaier (Theory Jockey), Nikolaus Gansterer (Diagrammeur), Matthias Meinharter (Tautologist), Jörg Piringer (Translinguist). Start: 20:002007-11-07link
eventtransacoustic research tour 07 @ Logos Foundation, Ghent, BelgiumA sound performance lecture by the institute for transacoustic research. Team: Ernst Reitermaier (Theory Jockey), Nikolaus Gansterer (Diagrammeur), Matthias Meinharter (Tautologist), Jörg Piringer (Translinguist). Start: 20:002007-11-08link
eventtransacoustic research tour 07 @ Air, Antwerp, BelgiumA sound performance lecture by the institute for transacoustic research. Team: Ernst Reitermaier (Theory Jockey), Nikolaus Gansterer (Diagrammeur), Matthias Meinharter (Tautologist), Jörg Piringer (Translinguist). Start: 20:002007-11-09link
eventtransacoustic researchsound-performance at the university of applied arts vienna in the framework of the 5th international mobile music workshop. concerts will start at 20:00. check out the rest of the program! 2008-05-15link
eventtransacoustic research the institute for transacoustic research will perform in close collaboration with the swiss diy sound collective 'elixir' at the belluard festival in fribourg, CH2008-06-28link
eventfallstudieLive performance of the Institut für transakustische Forschung at the charming Reheat festival at Kleylehof 13, Nickelsdorf, Austria.2008-08-23link
eventGEIGER 2008The institute for transacoustic research (Joerg Piringer and Ernst Reitermaier) will perform at the Geiger music festival at the Brew House in Goteborg, Sweden.2008-10-11link
eventwind und weiter20:00 theater des augenblicks, vienna, with figurentheater karin schaefer 2008-11-14link
eventtranslecture at club transmediale berlinthe institute will perform at this years edition of CTM09 festival at the kunstraum kreuzberg/bethanien. come, see and listen!2009-01-31link
eventtranslectureKonturen 09 - Eine Veranstaltungsreihe zur öffentlichen Repräsentation von Wissenschaftler/nnen. 2009-04-03link
eventMAK NITEANIMATION EPIDEMIC - animation fims and live sound performance with the polish collective "male instrumenty" at the Museum for applied arts, Vienna, Austria. Start: 20:002009-04-28link
eventiftaf @ 10 jahre klingt orgab 20h im theater brut kuenstlerhaus wien. HAPPY BIRTHSDAY KLINGT.ORG!2010-01-16link
eventauf der schwellesoundperformances in the framework of the book launch "auf der schwelle" by the institut fuer transakustische forschung (nikolaus gansterer, joerg piringer, matthias meinharter) / verena duerr, ulla rauter / ginga. speakers: gerald bast, cathrin pichler, christian reder/ university of applied arts, vienna. the presentation starts at 19:00 at secession, friedrichstraße 12, a-1010 vienna free admission!2011-01-25link
eventHEARING CAGE7 - 8 Sept 2012, 23:03 - 02:00: A special zeit-ton radio feature on the occasion of John Cage's birthday with live performances and interviews about transacoustic research at the ORF Radiokulturhaus: With Nikolaus Gansterer, Jörg Piringer, Matthias Meinharter, Ernst Reitermaier, Bob Kaiser and guests moderated by Susanna Niedermayr. Tune in via live stream on Oe1!2012-09-07link
eventiftaf at night of avantgarde popthe institute for transacoustic research is playing at the night of avantgard pop in vienna at fluc2014-04-16link
eventlive at engelsharfen & teufelsgeigen at elektro goenner in viennawe play live at engelsharfen & teufelsgeigen at elektro goenner in vienna2014-10-05link

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