institute for transacoustic research
institut für transakustische forschung

current research

the institute for transacoustic research is currently developing and evaluating new forms of sound creation.

some preliminary videos of the work in progress:

new videos

the institute for transacoustic research live at mobile music workshop 2008 in vienna

the death of the musician - performance and installation at reheat festival 2007 at kleylehof, austria
(explanations in german only, sorry)

performance at festival 2007 at fluc, vienna, austria
(video filming by barbara kaiser)

autodrummer (matador, servos, solenoid, styrofoam, cup, arduino)

laptop (motors, paper, matador, wires)

fish head2 (oscillator, capacitors, organic resistor)

motor2 (magnet, wire)


older videos

bass box (dc motors, cardboard box, switches)

bass shaker drum (drum, bass shaker)

fan organ (fans, photo transistors, amplifier)

fish head (oscillator, capacitors, organic resistor)

paper turntable (cardboard turntable, needle)

laufwerk (motors, paper, gears)

hd (harddisc)

motor (magnet, wire)