institute for transacoustic research
institut für transakustische forschung

kaffeenistik I - internetkaffee


this year the institute for transacoustic research dedicates itself to the transacoustic exploration of of the psychotropic substance coffee and its cultural aspects.

with the help of external experts, the institute will examine the effects of the hot beverage on listening habits, social acoustics, psychogeography, architecture, literature, music, soundscape, economy and other aspects. the methodology follows exploratory artistic research and uses practices from a wide range of arts and science fields.

the institute for transacoustic research will present kaffeenistik in four reseach settings:

internetkaffee (april 23rd 2020 at 8 p.m., online here)

to go (oct 1st 2020 tbc / belvedere 21, 1030 wien)

à la carte (nov 5th 2020 tbc / cafe ritter, 1160 wien)

kränzchen (dec 8th 2020 tbc, 1040 wien)

please note that due to the ongoing health-crisis dates might change. please check our website frequently


kaffeenistik I - internetkaffee

april 23rd 2020 at 8 p.m.

ONLINE! HERE. 8 p.m.

the first event had to be rescheduled due to the covid-19 restrictions for public events and will happen online at, where the institute will open a virtual transacoustic coffee house. the title internetkaffee refers to the anachronistic institution of internetcafe, which shares many characteristics with the classic viennese coffee house: as a hub between thrill and relaxation and as a place of communication, international encounter and cultural diversity.

members of the institute for transacoustic research will brew coffee for you and will guide you through various experiments:

adele knall flatters with desolating fallows.

tobias leibetseder is coffeeblurring shapes of dark matter dream coincidences.

anat stainberg is reading variations of being together apart.

anna vasof invites you to an unmanned tea party.

kaffeenistik is powered by:

bundeskanzleramt, ske-fonds, kulturabteilung der stadt wien und der bezirke 3, 4 & 16